Supernatural Recovery: Addiction and trauma recovery

Your journey home to yourself begins here

Addiction and traura recovery for empaths and high sensitives

If you are tired of...

Feeling overwhelmed by the world

Using substances to "turn down the volume"

Living in the active addition cycle

Feeling like you can't break fee

Feeling out of place in a 12-step meeting

Then you're in the right place.

Instead, imagine yourself...

Waking up everyday feeling refreshed and ready to thrive

Free from your trauma responses

No longer living in survival mode

Knowing how to deal with the stress of being sensitive

Loving yourself totally and completely

Heart-centered trauma and addiction healing

What you just imagined and pictured
is possible for you.

Laura, founder of Supernatural Recovery and intuitive recovery coach

I know, because I've done it myself.


Hello lightworkers! My name is Laura.


I help other empaths and highly sensitive individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction and other trauma responses. I know firsthand that traditional twelve steps don’t work for everyone, and there are many struggles that are unique to the highly sensitive individual.  My goal is to use mind-body practices to bridge the gap between traditional recovery methods and the HSPs who feel lost in the shuffle.  With books, videos, courses, and one-on-one coaching, there are plenty of resources here to help you on your journey. 

Wishing you a peaceful recovery and a happy heart,


Supernatural Recovery: A holistic trauma and addiction recovery approach

This program is for you if...

Traditional recovery methods have not worked for you

You want to supplement your established recovery program with a mind-body approach

You identify as an empath or high sensitive

It's time for you to let go of toxic behavior patterns and maladaptive coping mechanisms


Book a Coaching Session

Initial Consultation


  • 90-minute initial consultation with personalized action plan PDF

  • One follow up coaching session (scheduled within one month)

  • Up to four follow up emails

  • Online Class Discount


One Hour consultation for whenever you need support.

Hands on Healing


  • 90-minute session consisting of:

    • bodywork

    • energy healing

    • intuitive reflection

Single Session/
Follow up

8-Week Intensive


  • 90-minute initial consultation with personalized action plan PDF

  • Six follow up sessions (scheduled within two months)

  • Email support

  • Online class discount

Support for healing from trauma and addiction

What others are saying about Supernatural Recovery

"Working with Laura was both relaxing and convenient! She brought her table to my home for our session. We spent a lot of time talking before our first session so she could get to know me and understand what was going on with me physically and emotionally. She really made me feel comfortable and comforted. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me afterwards."


"Laura Sanders proves to be the best simply because she is open, willing and able to be receptive and communicative of what your body and soul really needs and not what you THINK you need. We sat down and spoke for 20 minutes before we even started any “massage” to discuss physical and energetic expectations, history, likes and dislikes, and to connect authentically in a genuine, honest, open and loving manner. The massage was beyond any that I have ever received. It was both physically relaxing and energetically transformative due to the nature of her interaction- deeply empathic, acutely intuitive and hyper-aware responsiveness. I HIGHLY recommend book her immediately to receive a deeply connected healing experience for the mind, body and soul."



"Wow! This book is a must read if you’re a) an empath b) overcoming any sort of trauma c) overcoming addiction d) looking to grow spiritually or mentally. Laura is soooo extremely knowledgeable and helpful in these areas that she’s an expert in. I can’t wait to read more of her work!"

-Karen JT

"I have a copy of this book and my wife and and I have read it. And, even as an atheist, I found great value in a lot of the books ideas. And it helped my wife understand addiction a little better. By shining a light on it from a different direction so to speak.

"And for those interested in the spiritual aspect of recovery? This is a MUST read. Laura's life experience shows through her prose in a very real way. You cannot read this book and remain untouched."

-Robert F.

"Not enough books on this topic provide a truly well-rounded, fully integrative approach. This one stands out because it's psychologically sophisticated and yet doesn't shy away from the spiritual."

-Matt D.

How does
Supernatural Recovery work?

The online program helps to heal your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual self by calling on your body’s natural wisdom and consists of:

Lecture/Reading Content


Bodywork modalities

Breathwork and Yoga Practices

Journal Exercises


Guided Meditations

Coaching Program with One-on-One Support

Healing from addiction and trauma

Overcoming Triggers

Supernatural Recovery: Overcoming triggers

Nutrition, Supplementation, Rest, Hydration, Reconnecting with the World & Yourself

Releasing Stored Trauma & Stress

Supernatural Recovery: Release stored trauma and stress

Moving Stress & Trauma Out of Our Bodies

Calming Your Nervous System

Supernatural Recovery: Calming your Nervous System

Without the use of Chemicals, and Learning how to Self-Soothe

Forgiveness & Self Compassion

Supernatural Recovery: Forgiveness and Self-Compassion

Learning how to Forgive Yourself and Leave the Past in the Past

Your initial consultation will be 90 minutes, and we will go over your goals and your needs. We will assess what is and is not working so far on your journey.  I will help you with an action plan including nutrition and supplement guidance, bodywork recommendations, personalized affirmations, and grant you access to free meditation videos. We will meet weekly or monthly based on your needs for ongoing support.

Through this process you will:


  • Learn how to build a solid foundation to deal with physical and emotional triggers

  • Learn how to calm your nervous system without the use of chemicals and addictive substances

  • Release trauma and stuck energy from your body

  • Practice next level self love and self compassion

Trauma and addiction recovery coach
Through learning this program you will also:

  • Let go of old thought patterns that no longer serve you

  • Practice next level self care

  • Stay present with yourself through difficult emotions

  • Release feelings that do not belong to you

  • Overcome victim mentality

Intuitive and holistic recovery coaching
Supernatural Recovery: Heart-centered approach to healing trauma and achieving sobriety

You have questions, I have answers.

What kind of training has Laura had?

I have been working professionally as a body worker and energy healer since 2008.  I completed my 200-hour meditation teacher training at Sukha Yoga in Austin Texas. I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and my graduate degree in professional counseling is in progress.  My professional credentials are only a piece of the training I have undergone in the school of life.  I know these methods work because I used them for my own transformation.


Is Laura psychic?

I was born with intuitive gifts including clairaudience and clairsentience. I have precognitive dreams. I communicate with my clients’ subconscious via visuals and messages I interpret as we work together. Because of this, I am especially gifted at dream interpretation and deconstructing metaphors within your subconscious. 


How is intuitive recovery coaching different from other coaching?

I understand the challenges we face as high sensitives and that knowledge is built into the foundation of the work we will do together. As an empath, I work with a great deal of compassion, and help you to find that compassion for yourself.  Using intuition, I can help you navigate your feelings towards situations, and help you find your own compass. This is not a formulaic, one size fits all recovery coaching program. I can tailor to your individual needs more easily because of my extra sensory gifts.


Are there meetings for SNR?

At this time there are no meetings for SNR, but we are in the process of building an in person schedule throughout central Texas and an online schedule.


Can I work the 12 steps and also do the work of SNR?

Absolutely! The two programs can work very well together.  The principles of SNR can work alone or be applied to any recovery program that is working for you.

If you're ready to step into sobriety 
with customized support to help you:

Navigate Early Sobriety

Process Tough Emotions

Reduce Harm

Discover your Unique Process

Develop New Coping Mechanisms

Transform your Life