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Feeling Overwhelmed? I can help!

Addiction and traura recovery for empaths and high sensitives

If you are tired of...

Feeling overwhelmed by the world

Numbing out & Disengaging

Feeling stress trapped in your body

Stuck in shame and self-sabotage

You are in the right place.

Instead, imagine yourself...

Feeling peaceful Everyday


Practicing new ways to Self Soothe


Out of Survival Mode and Thriving


Loving yourself completely


What you just imagined is possible!

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What is an intuitive coaching session?

An Intuitive Coaching session can help you shift your mindset and support your nervous system. My coaching style is supported by the following:

-15 years of experience as a bodyworker and energy healer

- Rigorous self-study on psychology, metaphysics, attachment theory, the chakra system, somatic release, and trauma healing

- Two years of graduate study in counseling 

- Meditation teacher Certification

- Natural psychic and empathic gifts


In addition to guiding you through your current obstacles,  I may receive visions while we are working that allow me to understand you and help you process emotions and experiences. At times, I receive messages directly from your guides.


We will also discuss self care strategies that will best support you.


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  • All Access to online coursework

  • Private Intro Session with Laura

  • personalized guided meditation

  • ongoing email support

Program One:

Program Three:



Everything from the UPLIFT Program PLUS

Two Additional Coaching Sessions (six total)


Two Energy Medicine Sessions

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Clearing Emotional Blocks

  • Mind-Body Empathic Healing


Everything from the INSPIRE

program PLUS:


Four Private Coaching Sessions

  • Nervous System Support

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Intuitive Assistance

  • Self care Strategies

Program Two:

*Cost should never be a barrier to healing. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities, please contact me!


What others are saying about working with Laura


“energetically transformative”



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