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What does a
Recovery Coach do?

A recovery coach is someone who offers you support on your recovery journey. 

A coach can help you:

Navigate Early Sobriety

Process Tough Emotions

Reduce Harm

Discover your Unique Process

Develop New Coping Mechanisms

Transform your Life

Book a Coaching Session


Initial Consultation


  • 90-minute initial consultation with personalized action plan PDF

  • One follow up coaching session (scheduled within one month)

  • Two follow up emails


One Hour follow up consultation for whenever you need additional support.

Hands on Healing


  • 90-minute session consisting of:

    • bodywork

    • energy healing

    • intuitive reflection

Follow-Up Consultation

8-Week Intensive


  • 90-minute initial consultation with personalized action plan PDF

  • Six follow up sessions (scheduled within two months)

  • Email support

  • Online class discount

The 4 Principles of
Supernatural Recovery

Overcoming Triggers

Nutrition, Supplementation, Rest, Hydration, Reconnecting with the World & Yourself

Releasing Stored Trauma & Stress

Moving Stress & Trauma Out of Our Bodies

Calming Your Nervous System

Without the use of Chemicals, and Learning how to Self-Soothe

Forgiveness & Self Compassion

Learning how to Forgive Yourself and Leave the Past in the Past

How does
Supernatural Recovery work?

It works because it helps to heal your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual self by calling on your body’s natural wisdom.  The online program consists of:

Lecture/Reading Content


Bodywork modalities

Breathwork and Yoga Practices

Journal Exercises


Guided Meditations

Coaching Program with One-on-One Support