Mother Earth, Awakened

The feelings coming in through the collective consciousness over the past weeks have been coming in waves. At first there was intense fear and panic. I also sensed a hint of greed. I really feel the isolation in my guts. Perhaps, this one is hitting me hardest.

The thing that really resonates with me is how this experience shows just how connected we really are. I’m thinking not of how this virus has spread from person to person, but how our emotions themselves can be a psychological pathogen. When I go into public, I feel afraid, not that I will catch a physical illness, but that I will become infected with the negative emotions of fear, panic, and isolation. We battle any disease with medicine and there is medicine for fear. The medicine is love. It is hope. It is community. It is gratitude.

I am beginning to believe more and more than humanity will be changed irrevocably through this. We can no longer live as though our actions have no recourse or repercussion. We can already see the positive changes happening to Our Mother Earth, as people are driving less, consuming less.

Explore for a minute that Our Mother Earth has a consciousness and has put her foot down regarding our treatment of her. Her waters muddy, her skies cloudy, she sends a global message. Stay Inside. I need to breathe. I need to regenerate. I need to find a way out of the suffocating madness of war and greed and waste.

So, we have given her space to rest. She begins to soften because she doesn’t have to fight for her life, and we begin to soften as well. And with a sharp lens of both cultural and self-awareness, we realize what is of value to us.

In a society that has been overrun by unnecessary consumption and a hoarding of resources, what becomes important and necessary when so much of what we are used to is stripped away?

The safety of our families. Our physical health, which we as a society either ignore in the name of fast food and diet sodas, or push our bodies to extreme limits of workaholism, rigid routines, and barely ever stopping for a minute to just Be.

I invite you to see this as an opportunity, as a gift. Look at your Family. Have you been paying attention to them, or just hustling to get from one activity to the next?

Look at your body. Are you stressing yourself out over a job that you hate? Are you relieved you are stuck inside and if so, what are you hiding from?

One day soon, this will be over, and we will emerge from our houses. What will you take with you? Will you allow this experience to change you and let you live a deeper more meaningful exitance? Will you care for your Mother Earth now that you see the ways our collective lifestyle was harming her? Will you live more intentionally? Will you be more kind?

You have nowhere to be but Right Here. Right Now. Namaste.

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