SuperNatural Recovery

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Recovery

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SuperNatural Recovery is an addiction and trauma recovery resource for healing

bodymind, and spirit


What is SuperNatural Recovery?


Who is it for?



Supernatural Recovery offers mind-body centered foundations and guidance for those in recovery from substance abuse, process addictions, and maladaptive trauma responses. 

Designed by a high sensitive, this program takes into the account the challenges of being sensitive and empathic in an often chaotic world.  

It is a program made up of four basic tenants:    

Meeting your physical needs

Releasing stored traumas

Calming your nervous system 


4 Part SuperNatural Recovery Program



Nutrition, Supplementation, Rest, Hydration, Reconnecting with the World & Yourself


Trauma Release

Moving Stress & Trauma Out of Our Bodies


Calming Your Nervous System

Without the use of Chemicals, and Learning how to Self-Soothe


Forgiveness & Self Compassion

Learning how to Forgive Yourself and Leave the Past in the Past


All four Courses


It works because it helps to heal your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual self by calling on your body’s natural wisdom.  The online program consists of:

Lecture/Reading Content


Bodywork modalities

Breathwork and Yoga Practices

Journal Exercises


Guided Meditations

Coaching Program with One-on-One Support


How does it work?


What does "recovery" mean?

Although recovery traditionally refers to those who are free from substance abuse and process addictions, I believe that recovery is about so much more.  Emotional traumas and negative core beliefs can keep us stuck in destructive patterns, holding us back from a stable and happy life.  When we work to heal body mind and spirit, we can shed the maladaptive coping mechanisms and step fully into our lives.  Whether you are struggling with addiction, healing from trauma, or experiencing negativity in your life, you too can experience freedom in recovery. 


Why choose SuperNatural Recovery?

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You should enroll in the program... 

If traditional recovery methods have not worked for you

If you want to supplement your established recovery program with a mind-body approach

If you identify as an empath or high sensitive

If it's time for you to let go of toxic behavior patterns and maladaptive coping mechanisms

If this sounds like you, it's time to take get started on your SuperNatural Recovery journey!


Questions? Ask me!

Ready to start your journey but not sure where to start? Send me a message, and let's talk!