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Introduction to
Supernatural Recovery

Meditation Workshop

Dive into self-discovery through guided meditations and journal exercises. Learn about moving stress and trauma out of your body using self-massage and tapping techniques.

Laura will teach you how to invite more awareness and self-compassion into your daily life.  Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase.

Third Eye Meditation Lounge, Austin Texas
May 28 1:30pm


Break through your Blocks
and Reinvent

A six day free online event!

This FREE 6 day online event is a jump start platform for women 40+ ready to get clarity, take the next step, and reinvent themselves!


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May 23, 2022

All Things Empath (Instagram Post (Portrait)) (1).jpg

Interview with "All Things Empath"

Your Host, Laura Ann, is a Holistic Coach who works with Empaths and Sensitives to heal through past trauma within Mind-Body-Spirit and step into their “Sensitivity Superpowers” so they can start thriving in their life and relationships.