My Story


As a teenager, I endured years of psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of a psychopath. Upon escaping captivity, I began drinking alcohol heavily to cope with my symptoms of PTSD. After a twenty year long battle with addiction and mental illness, I was able to find sobriety and enjoy life again. I did this using mind - body practices and healing techniques that I have outlined in Supernatural Recovery.


Today, my story of survival inspires others to bravely face the traumas that keep them stuck in negative patterns.


I gratefully help others on their healing journeys as a body worker, energy healer, meditation teacher, and recovery coach.



It is my mission to compassionately guide others to into a more fulfilling life using practical advice and ancient wisdom.

Within this program, there is a wealth of mind-body centered practices that can be done to heal your physical and energetic body as you unravel your individual path to recovery.

I look forward to taking the journey with you.

In Gratitude,



"Shift from a fear based mindset to one of love and abundance".