Meet Laura


Hello! My name is Laura. I'm the founder of Supernatural Recovery! I am like you because I am a survivor.  I survived an abusive family, a kidnapping, and years of ritual abuse.  I survived decades of self abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness. I walked through continuous dark nights of my soul, where I continuously died and was reborn.    


Whatever it is that you have been through up to this point, YOU HAVE SURVIVED. Now it's time to purge yourself of the traumas that keep you trapped, and learn how to thrive.

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There is a fallacy in the spiritual community that healing is all about love and light but the truth is that healing is messy. Healing yourself is a visceral, primal, wild ride of a process, and it can be terrifying. 


It is hard work to claw your way back to remembering who you are.  

You don't have to do it alone. We can traverse the healing path together, and that is how we find the love and the light.


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Laura is an intuitive, empathic healer, recovery coach, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and writer.

She welcomes you to the journey of Supernatural Recovery with an open heart.