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Laura: Empathic healer, author, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and wellness coach

Nice to Meet You!
I'm Laura.

I am the founder of Supernatural Recovery. I am an author, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and intuitive. 

I help others on their journey to safety from addiction and other trauma responses. I know firsthand that traditional twelve steps don’t work for everyone, and there are many struggles that are unique to those on a spiritual path.


With books, videos, courses, and in person healing opportunities, there are plenty of resources here to help you on your journey. 

Wishing you a peaceful recovery and a happy heart,


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My Story


In order for repair and healing to exist, disruption must happen. Trauma was very present throughout my early life. I am a survivor of kidnapping and many forms of childhood abuse. I had a great deal of mental illness following my escape from captivity and amassed self-harming coping strategies to manage my symptoms of PTSD. My addiction to alcohol was the most prevalent of these harmful coping mechanisms.

I finally broke free from these negative patterns after a twenty year struggle with addiction and other forms of self harm.

Along my journey to recovery, I gathered a wealth of information about my physical and emotional needs, and I learned new healthy coping mechanisms. My goal is to share what I have learned with others who are still struggling.


And that’s what Supernatural Recovery can do for you -- Help you achieve deep healing so you can step into your highest self.

Feeling stuck? Laura's extra sensory gifts can help!


Laura’s unique empathic healing uses a blend of:



Energy Work

Messages from your guides


Nervous System Support

Spirit Channel

Chakra Clearing 

Supernatural Recovery: Extra senroty gifts - empathtic coaching, intuition, energy work, animal guides, dream interpretation, tarot card readings, bodywork

The SNR Approach

SNR calls on many ancient practices to soothe your nervous system and release unwanted negative energies.  Whether you're healing from disordered eating, addiction, or just caught in an emotional cycle, Supernatural Recovery can help you shift from Victim, to Survivor, into Emotional Freedom. 

Supernatural Recovery: Victim mentality

When you are stuck in a victim mentality you may

  • Experience exhaustion, depression, anger and anxiety

  • Are impulsive and emotionally reactive

  • Have trouble forming meaningful relationships

  • Stay overwhelmed by daily life

Supernatural Recovery: Survivor mentality

When you move into a survivor mentality you may

  • Feel empowered by what you have overcome

  • Have a me vs. them mindset

  • Continue to be impulsive and emotionally reactive

  • Be in survival mode 

Supernatural Recovery: Trauma detachment

When you are living in emotional freedom you

  • Have control over your triggers

  • Are less emotionally reactive

  • Are present and compassionate with yourself

  • Feel at peace with your past

Welcome ot the journey of healing

Work with Laura
Laura welcomes you to the journey of Supernatural Recovery with an open heart.


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Supernatural Recovery: Release stored trauma and stress
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