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Heart Centered 
Support for your Recovery Journey

Supernatural Recovery: A mind-body based program for those in recovery from addiction and/or trauma

What is
Supernatural Recovery?

Welcome to Supernatural Recovery. This is the leading resource in wellness and self-care solutions for highly sensitive people, specializing in addiction and trauma recovery.

Supernatural Recovery calls on many ancient practices to soothe your nervous system and release unwanted negative energies.  This work combines yogic philosophy with practical application to create accessible, heart- centered, mind – body cohesion and awareness. Whether you are far along on your spiritual path, or just beginning a healing journey, Supernatural Recovery welcomes everyone.

Wishing you a peaceful journey and a happy heart.

The Four Principles of Supernatural Recovery

Overcoming Triggers

Supernatural Recovery: Overcoming triggers

Nutrition, Supplementation, Rest, Hydration, Reconnecting with the World & Yourself

Releasing Stored Trauma & Stress

Supernatural Recovery: Release stored trauma and stress

Moving Stress & Trauma Out of Our Bodies

Calming Your Nervous System

Supernatural Recovery: Calming your Nervous System

Without the use of Chemicals, and Learning how to Self-Soothe

Forgiveness & Self Compassion

Supernatural Recovery: Forgiveness and Self-Compassion

Learning how to Forgive Yourself and Leave the Past in the Past

Morning Yoga. Relaxed Afro Woman Meditating Sitting In Lotus Position In Bed At Home. Sele

Begin the journey home to yourself 

How does the 
Online Program work?

This life changing program helps to heal your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual self by calling on your body’s natural wisdom and consists of:

Lecture/Reading Content


Bodywork modalities

Breathwork and Yoga Practices

Journal Exercises


Guided Meditations

Healing from addiction and trauma
Supernaural Recovery core beliefs

At Supernatural Recovery, we believe:

The driving factors behind addiction and mental illness are unprocessed trauma, feelings of shame, and biological imbalances.

The solution to self harming behaviors is to address these three factors.

You already hold the keys to your healing power.

HSPs (highly sensitive people) need special attention and care when dealing with difficult issues.

Supernatural Recovery: Heart centered addiction recovery for the highly sensitive person

Why is a mind-body approach a more effective path to recovery?

AA has a success rate between 5% and 10%. An exhaustive scientific review by the prestigious Cochrane Collection, of all AA studies over 40 years, found even worse results, concluding that, "No experimental studies unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of AA" in treating alcoholism.

- Psychology Today

One recent meta-analysis indicates that Mindfulness based interventions produce statistically significant effects on craving and substance misuse suggesting that MBIs may be efficacious treatments for addiction.

- Addiction Science and Clinical Practice Journal

In a study that compared a standard relapse prevention program, 12-step program, and a mindfulness based relapse prevention, at six months the standard and MBRP conditions fared better than the 12-step program, while at 12 months the MBRP condition did better than the other two.

- JAMA Psychiatry journal


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