Heart centered addiction recovery for the highly sensitive person

What is
Supernatural Recovery?

Supernatural Recovery is a mind-body based program for those in recovery from addiction and/or trauma.  


These methods can be used in place of, or alongside, a twelve step recovery approach.


Designed by a high sensitive, this program takes into account the challenges of being sensitive and empathic in an often chaotic world.  


“This is the place where practical knowledge about caring for your body, mind, and spirit meet ancient traditions of ritual, visualization, and meditation for lifetime results.”

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Hi, I'm Laura, the founder of Supernatural Recovery.

I help other empaths and highly sensitive individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction and other trauma responses. I know firsthand that traditional twelve steps don’t work for everyone, and there are many struggles that are unique to the highly sensitive individual.  My goal is to use mind-body practices to bridge the gap between traditional recovery methods and the HSPs who feel lost in the shuffle. With books, videos, courses, and one-on-one coaching, there are plenty of resources here to help you on your journey. 


At Supernatural Recovery, we believe:

The driving factors behind addiction are unprocessed trauma, feelings of shame, and biological imbalances.

The solution to addiction is to address these three factors.

Personal power and self-forgiveness hold the keys to unlocking sobriety.

HSPs need special attention and care when dealing with difficult issues.

Sandy Beach

This book changed my life. It helped me have a better understanding of my emotions and techniques to help cope with them.

Ryan G.


Wow! This book is a must read if you’re a) an empath b) overcoming any sort of trauma c) overcoming addiction d) looking to grow spiritually or mentally. Laura is soooo extremely knowledgeable and helpful in these areas that she’s an expert in. I can’t wait to read more of her work!

Karen JT

Zen Garden

Not enough books on this topic provide a truly well-rounded, fully integrative approach. This one stands out because it's psychologically sophisticated and yet doesn't shy away from the spiritual.

Matt D.


How you can begin the journey home to yourself and step into recovery


Why we believe a mind-body approach is the most effective approach to recovery

AA has a success rate between 5% and 10%. An exhaustive scientific review by the prestigious Cochrane Collection, of all AA studies over 40 years, found even worse results, concluding that, "No experimental studies unequivocally demonstrated the effectiveness of AA" in treating alcoholism.

- Psychology Today

One recent meta-analysis indicates that Mindfulness based interventions produce statistically significant effects on craving and substance misuse suggesting that MBIs may be efficacious treatments for addiction.

- Addiction Science and Clinical Practice Journal

In a study that compared a standard relapse prevention program, 12-step program, and a mindfulness based relapse prevention, at six months the standard and MBRP conditions fared better than the 12-step program, while at 12 months the MBRP condition did better than the other two.

- JAMA Psychiatry journal